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The Latest Food Trends: Plant-Based Burgers, Georgian Comfort Food, And... Wine In Space?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

As production intern at WGBH's Under the Radar with Callie Crossley, I cut the audio segment and wrote the web post.

A package of meatless burgers by Beyond Meat. John Raoux/AP

Shoppers have been lining up at grocery and liquor stores preparing to be inside for a long time. Likely tucked into many of their bags: canned wine and plant-based burgers. Plant-based burgers are taking the fast food world by storm, but how much better for you are they really?

We’re over the moon about space wine! An exciting research project is examining the effects of zero-gravity on the wine aging process. Plus, that’s not the only high-flying beverage around these days, either. Canned wine is taking to the sky, thanks to JetBlue. And why you should make ooey-gooey Georgian comfort food your new obsession of 2020.

Our food and wine experts weigh in on the evolving tastes of 2020 foodies.

Guests: Jonathon Alsop - Founder and executive director of the Boston Wine School and author of “The Wine Lover’s Devotional.” Amy Traverso - Food editor at Yankee Magazine, co-host of WGBH’s “Weekends With Yankee” and author of “The Apple Lover’s Cookbook.”

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