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Book Club: Tochi Onyebuch's New Novel 'Riot Baby'

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

As production intern at WGBH's Under the Radar with Callie Crossley, I cut the audio segment and wrote the web post.

"Riot Baby" is Tochi Onyebuchi's first novel for adults. The book is Under the Radar's February selection for "Bookmarked: The Under the Radar Book Club."

At first glance, Mama, Ella and Kevin seem to live in a here and now achingly familiar to a number of black families. But very quickly "Riot Baby" reveals itself to be a time-traversing tale of the future infused with the frustration and rage linked to incidents of the recent past. Author Tochi Onybuchi takes readers on the journey of siblings navigating their past, current and future worlds. "Riot Baby" is our February selection for “Bookmarked: The Under the Radar Book Club."

Guest: Tochi Onyebuchi — author of Riot Baby, his first adult novel, which is available in bookstores and online now.

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